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Managing Staff Working from Home

‘Businesses and workplaces should encourage their employees to work at home, wherever possible.’ This is the advice from the government to all UK business, in a bid to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 across the country. For some companies, this is business as usual but for many this is a new approach and just like anything else that’s new, it comes with tricky challenges and questions.
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Coronavirus – What’s the advice?

With the recent upgrade of the threat of the Coronavirus on the UK being upgraded from low to moderate, we are finding that our clients are coming to us for advice on what is best to do in the workplace. The government will be holding a press conference at some point today (3rd March 2020), so it may be that advice will change once that has occurred, but for now we have put this blog together to summarise what is currently being advised:
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Changes To Your Contracts

As of 6th April 2020, You must give employees written information on their main terms of employment by the date that they commence employment. Previous to this date, the requirement was to give them written information on their main terms within two months of their start date. You must now also give them a written statement containing details of any change to these terms within one month of the change.
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Employment Law Changes

April is usually a busy time for employers, a time of implementing/amending current practices to be in line with any new legislation. April 2020 will be no different, in fact we are seeing more changes than usual. So, it's time to prepare because, as we all know, time flies and it will creep up on us!
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Christmas Leave: A Guide

Are you off Christmas day? Maybe even boxing day, too? Well, you may wish to give a thankful thought to Charles Dickens! Did you know that it was his story ‘A Christmas carol’ which reignited Christmas spirit back into England, bringing along some of our well-loved Christmas traditions, first introduced by Pagans of Europe and early Christianity?
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Redundancy: A Run Down

Redundancy is when you dismiss an employee because you no longer need anyone to do that job, or you can make do with less people. This could be because new machines have been brought in, because your company is changing what it does, where it operates from or because the business is closing. Either way, that job is no longer needed and will no longer exist.
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