June – International Pride Month

International Pride Month takes place throughout June. It is celebrated every June as a tribute to those who were involved in Stonewall Riots. They were important protests that took place in 1969 in the US, that changed gay rights for a lot of people in America and around the world. Pride Month celebrates LGBTQ culture, […]

Planning Ahead – What’s New in 2022

With the Christmas and New Year celebration period behind us and now being well back into the swing of things, it is time to look forward to 2022 and start planning for the business year ahead. Here is our list of changes to be aware of; Current government advice With England relaxing again slightly, with […]

Holidays – Planning ahead for 2022

  With the festive season upon us and New Year looming, it is wise to calculate annual leave allowances for your team members and inform them of their entitlement for 2022. This avoids responding to individual enquiries and encourages employees to book their leave for the year in advance. Thanks to the Queen, there is […]

Boosting Employees’ Morale During Peak Times

Every organisation has its busy periods, and the lead up to Christmas can be a stressful time, especially during a pandemic! This particularly applies to those in the retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors. Employees will be revving up for a busier than usual time and will therefore need to look after themselves. Managers should be […]

Supporting Generation Z into work

This week we posted to social media that 77% of GEN Z workers will consider how a business acted during the covid pandemic before accepting a job! We thought it would be great to delve into this generation of workers even further and look at how we as HR professionals, managers and business owners can […]

Baby Loss Awareness Week

According to Tommy’s, every day in the UK 515 woman suffer known miscarriages. 144 babies are born preterm. 8 babies are stillborn. Everyday. October 9th – 15th is Baby Loss Awareness Week and October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This is an emotive and brutal subject, but we should still talk about it […]

Getting Pay Right

How to avoid underpaying your team.

A list of 191 companies has been ‘named and shamed’ on the Gov website this week. They failed to pay £2.1 million to more than 34,000 employees. We at Ashton People Solutions can help if you have any queries over your pay structure, benefits or overtime policy, but please see our tips below which may help you avoid common pay pitfalls.

HR Skills for a Post Lockdown Workplace

Many have struggled during the past 15 months, whether it be through losing work, income, missing friends and family or with physical or mental health. With England removing restrictions as of 19th July, and Wales, Scotland and Ireland all planning a relaxation in the following weeks, it will be a welcome relief for many! That […]

Happy Employee, Happy Company!

The Benefits of Effective Employee Retention.

According to the CIPD’s 2020 Resourcing and Planning Survey, the rate of voluntary employee turnover almost doubled from 5.5% in 2014 to 10.1% in 2019.

A modest level of staff turnover can be positive for a business – new starts can suggest new ways of working, approaches and ideas. However, the right culture, attitude, policies and respect can really go far in keeping your employees loyal and happy.