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Here at Ashton People Solutions, we offer a number of HR services, including: HR Consultancy Advice, HR Documentation, Recruitment, Assessment, Selection & Training and Development and tribunal help.

We like to understand your company and experience has shown us that getting to know you and your business is the best way to do this. We are happy to visit your premises at a convenient time to discuss any issues you may have and look at ways in which we can help you grow your business further and can offer remote meetings for those who are not always in the office! 

We offer flexible services and have a variety of options to suit all needs, such as: ad hoc HR Consultancy Service, longer-term Retained Services or Individual HR Projects.

If you require assistance with a service that is not detailed above, please contact us to discuss this. We have excellent Associates who we work alongside and so we are sure we will be able to source a suitable provider for you.

For further information on all our services, please contact us so we can have a no obligation discussion.

hr consultancy advice

We understand that Employment Law may appear confusing and complex. We are here to listen and help you through the process to ensure that issues are being dealt with in the correct manner, whilst adhering to the current Employment Law Legislation. We will take away the time-consuming work from you by dealing with the case and composing necessary letters and documentation. Some of the areas where we may help you include:

  • Employment Law Advice
  • Disciplinary, Capability and Grievance Case Management; including carrying out investigations, chairing meetings and hearings
  • Managing Absence Cases for short term and long term sickness
  • Management and Guidance on HR Policy such as: Health and Safety, Maternity, Paternity, Adoption Leave, Parental Leave, Flexible Working and Time off for Dependants

We are happy to help you deal with one-off cases such as a disciplinary issue that you may be dealing with or provide you with a more long-term service where you need regular HR advice and guidance on the telephone, email or face to face. We will also visit your premises to conduct meetings should you require.

For further information, please call our team of experts on 01352 878535 or email info@ashtonpeoplesolutions.co.uk.

hr documentation

We understand that HR Documentation such as Employee Contracts or Handbooks may seem like a low priority for your business. They are however, necessary to ensure that you are complying with Employment Legislation. It is a legal requirement to at least have Employment Contracts in place for your staff.

Contracts along with Employee Handbooks are a positive addition to your business because it helps staff understand the ways in which they are expected to work and provides fairness and consistency.

We will take all this work away from you and review or devise tailor-made Contracts of Employment. We will also review your existing handbook or devise a new bespoke Handbook to suit your requirements. Some of the areas in which we may help you include:

  • Review or devise tailor-made Contracts of Employment
  • Review or devise tailor-made Employee Handbook with all necessary Policies and Procedures
  • Compose Individual Policies and Procedures such as Disciplinary Procedure, Health and Safety Policy & Risk Assessments
  • HR Documentation such as Maternity Letters/ Documentation, Disciplinary and Grievance Letters/ Documentation, Return to Work Interview Forms, Access to Medical Information.

For further information, please call are team of experts on 01352 878535 or email info@ashtonpeoplesolutions.co.uk.

recruitment, assessment and selection

Getting the right people in place is fundamental to any successful business and will ensure that your business will continue to grow. Good recruitment practices will mean that you get the right skills, knowledge and experience for the role that you are looking to fill.

We can take the work away from you and manage the recruitment process from start to finish. This typically involves advertising, managing applicants, devising material, interviewing and providing feedback to candidates. We can also run larger scale recruitment activities such as Assessment Centres and provide Interviewer and Assessor Training.

Some of the areas  where we may help you include:

  • Recruitment of Apprentices and most job roles
  • Advertising, managing applicants, devising material for interviews and conducting interviews, providing feedback to candidates
  • Job Descriptions and Job Profiling
  • Devise Competency Based Assessment Material
  • Large-scale Assessment Centre Design and Delivery
  • Psychometric Testing and Personality Profiling
  • Interviewer and Assessor Training

For further information, please call our team of experts on 01352 878535 or email info@ashtonpeoplesolutions.co.uk.

training, learning and development

Once you have all the basics in place, the next step is to look at ways to develop and grow your business further. Ultimately a better skilled and fulfilled workforce will lead to improved business performance.

We will work with you to develop a bespoke Training Needs Analysis which will look at all your development needs. Some of the courses that we facilitate include a number of key HR areas such as Managing Disciplinary and Grievance, Managing Absence or Leadership Skills Training. We also have contacts with number of Training Associates, so if there is a specific requirement you have in mind, we will source a suitable provider for you.

We will devise a tailored Appraisal and Review System to enable you to have a structured performance system in place. This also is a great way to motivate your staff to develop themselves and stay loyal to you.

Other ways in which we may help you include:

  • Design and Deliver Tailored Training & Development Programmes
  • Management HR Training: Managing Disciplinary and Grievance, Managing Absence, Recruitment and Selection
  • Leadership Skills Training: Managing Others, Effective Communication, Dealing with Conflict, Customer Service, Presentation Skills
  • Design Tailored Appraisal Documentation
  • Coaching /Guidance for Managers

For further information, please call  our team of experts on 01352 878535 or email info@ashtonpeoplesolutions.co.uk.


We can offer our services through a variety of options to suit your needs as follows:

This may involve a one-off issue such as disciplinary issue you may be facing, you may need some on-site support for us to hold a meeting. We will discuss your requirements then work out an individual quote based on the support that you require.

You may need more regular access to a HR advice and a retained service may be more appropriate. This will involve a regular HR support, via telephone, email and on site. We will also provide you regular updates of employment law changes to ensure that your business adheres to any appropriate changes. We can discuss how much HR support you require and based on your requirements will provide a proposal, plan and price.

 You may need specific projects carrying out were you require the guidance of a HR specialist. Examples of projects include:

  • Recruitment of some staff managing the end to end project
  • Managing a grievance case
  • Managing a long-term sick case
  • Designing a bespoke Individual Appraisal Programme
  • Designing an Employee Induction Programme
  • Designing or Reviewing HR Documentation – contracts and handbooks
  • Facilitating HR Skills Training
  • Designing some Job Profiles or Job Descriptions
  • Coaching Managers

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