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Return to Normality?

Return to normality?

With lockdown now easing around the UK and around 34 million people vaccinated so far, people are becoming cautiously optimistic about a return to near-normality. However, as various scientists have noted, we will be living with variations of the coronavirus for many years to come, and this means that some restrictions may be here to stay or return in future.

As you prepare to open your doors, this will involve rigorous risk assessments, tighter cleaning procedures, personal hygiene measures, and possibly a gradual return to the workplace for employees, with part-time furlough or part time home working arrangements continuing.

As employers you may face issues such as employees feeling nervous regarding the return to work, needing to minimise contact by blended working and even employees struggling with bereavement or their own recovery from Covid-19. All these plans need to be implemented in a way that cares for people and safeguards their health and wellbeing.

How can we help?

Here at Ashton People Solutions we think this is an ideal time for businesses to think more creatively about how they can effectively and safely reopen.  We can help you to implement new policies and procedures such as home or flexible working, absence management, or we can help and guide you through additional training, recruitment or welfare exercises.  


We can also run some fun team building sessions, looking at work styles and training & development needs, which may be a perfect opportunity to address some of the concerns that staff may have with returning to the workplace, provide some focus and team cohesion.

Top Tips

These are our top tips for safely and effectively reopening your business, or bringing more staff back into your premises:

SIGNS! Remind everyone to socially distance and sanitise.

ONE WAY! If this is appropriate for your premises, create a flow around your premises to help social distancing.

BARRIERS! If you are struggling for space, consider barriers to protect your staff and customers.

VENTILATION! Now the weather is warming up, opening the windows and letting the fresh air filter through will be a welcome adjustment.

LISTEN! It is a good idea to listen to any concerns your employees may have and consider fairly any adjustments they feel may be needed.


If you would like to discuss any of the topics mentioned in this blog with us further, please do not hesitate to contact us 01352 878535 or email